The shipping markets are cyclical and sometimes volatile, they can present attractive investment opportunities. FinnFleet Tankers and its subsidiary, FinnFleet Maritime are shipping investment companies, offering investments predominantly in the tanker shipping market as an alternative investment product.

FinnFleet takes exposure to tanker charter and tanker equity positions, placing the vessels with commercial partners to maximize the vessels’ trading revenues. FinnFleet is also registered to trade tanker and bunker derivatives allowing hedging of its physical positions or as a means of taking additional synthetic ‘long’ exposure. Investments are selected on a case-by-case basis in order to maximize investor returns.

FinnFleet has participation in vessels either chartering them wholly or jointly, principally with 50% shares in conjunction with joint venture partners. The partners of FinnFleet are the world’s leading tanker shipping operators whose combined tonnage comprises of approximately 750 vessels. Having outsourced chartering functions to specialists, FinnFleet’s own personnel focus is on raising capital, analysing the market, selecting investment opportunities and monitoring and reporting on results.

Unique Model

FinnFleet’s model is solely aimed at maximising investor returns derived from the shipping markets. FinnFleet has flexibility to focus on the most value adding sectors in shipping, can focus on the most attractive deals within those sectors and place vessels with the most suitable ‘industry leading partners’ in order to maximise returns.

Track Record

Since inception in 2013 FinnFleet has participated in dozens of deals in various crude and product tanker segments as well as the dry bulk market. These projects have produced significant investor profits through profit sharing with FinnFleet.

Continuous Opportunity

Due to the cyclical nature of shipping markets, significant volatility within different sectors, and different shipping sectors not all being correlated, there is continual opportunity to produce above average returns.


Having access to the main players within the shipping markets provides significant scalable deal flow from the vessel charter market. In addition to investments in the charter market, FinnFleet intends to apply the same model to the shipping asset market where capital requirements are more significant but have a similar potential to produce high returns.